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(i) Supplier also warrants that it has the right to license the Technical Products to Buyer and that Supplier will comply with the free or open source software licenses contained in the Software. No technical product contains software that (A) constitutes copyleft hardware or (B) does not comply with applicable notices, warnings or other license requirements. “Copyleft Material” means material that is subject to a license that requires, as a condition of their use, modification or distribution, that such materials or materials combined or distributed with such materials be (1) disclosed or distributed in source or similar form, (2) licensed for the purpose of creating derivative works, or (3) redistributable free of charge; 35.02 Trade controls. The supplier, goods and technical products must comply with all U.S. requirements. and other applicable laws, statutes, regulations, codes and regulations relating to export controls, sanctions and anti-boycotts with respect to purchases made under this Agreement, as further described in the Supplier`s Guide to Compliance with Export Control and Sanctions, which Buyer may update from time to time. At the Request of the Buyer, the Supplier shall confirm in writing that it complies with all or part of the foregoing provisions and provide appropriate evidence of conformity that the Buyer may reasonably require. In the event that the goods have an Export Control Classification Classification (“ECCN”) or a United States Munitions List (“USML”) other than EAR99, are an ITAR defense service, or are otherwise subject to export control under the laws of any applicable jurisdiction, Supplier shall notify Buyer in writing and prior to delivery by completing Supplier`s Export Control Notification Form. as further described in the Export Control and Sanctions Compliance Supplier Guide. The buyer demands strict compliance with this paragraph and has the right to immediately terminate an order or relevant parts thereof in the event of a violation of this paragraph or if compliance becomes unfeasible under these regulations.

With regard to respect for human rights, suppliers must treat their workforce with humanity and dignity. You will also need to apply ethical recruitment practices and create a healthy and safe work environment. Under no circumstances shall child labour, slavery, forced labour or harassment of any kind be tolerated. The supplier must comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct and demonstrate compliance when asked to do so. The supplier will apply a similar code of conduct and let its subcontractors do so. All corrective action plans necessary to address violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct must be implemented in accordance with a mutually agreed schedule. The Code can be found in the Suppliers` Guide to Social Responsibility. 36.06 Supply chain inclusion and diversity. The supplier will actively seek to build and maintain a diverse and inclusive supply chain. This includes all reasonable efforts of the supplier to enter into contracts and subcontracts with various companies.

A diversified business is a corporation that meets one or more of the following criteria: (a) a small business as defined in Title 15, Section 632 of the United States Code and related regulations; (b) an enterprise, usually a small enterprise, but not necessarily, owned and controlled by socially disadvantaged persons (at least fifty-one per cent (51 per cent) of the enterprise is owned and controlled by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged persons, and the day-to-day management and operations are controlled by one or more of these persons); (c) a company owned at least fifty-one per cent (51 per cent) by one or more women who also control and operate the business. Supplier will report quarterly the dollar value of the Content provided by its various business units with respect to Supplier`s business with Ford Motor Company that meets one or more of the above conditions for the products or services contained herein, as well as the basis for claiming that such Content was provided by a company; that meets one or more of the above conditions. Further information, including the definition of socially and economically disadvantaged persons, can be found in the regional guide of the respective suppliers. 35.03 Contractors of the State. Supplier will comply with all governmental requirements applicable to government subcontractors, including, if the purchaser is a U.S. company, the requirements of U.S. law as found in the Supplier Guide to U.S. Government Contracts. Business ethics is a very serious and sensitive issue, which is why Ford has published a code of conduct for its suppliers. 9.03 Total price and taxes.

The total price of the goods may include duties and taxes, unless otherwise stated in the Tax Supplier`s Guide. The Supplier must indicate separately on its invoice all customs duties, value added tax, use tax, value added tax (VAT) or similar sales taxes that are levied on the goods. The Supplier must provide all documents and information required by the Buyer to support the taxes paid, the tax return or the VAT refund. The supplier will meet the requirements of the Tax Supplier`s Guide. The supplier pays customs duties if the delivery time specified in the order requires him to pay (see the Guide to Delivery Conditions for more information). “Caring for each other is a core principle of the Ford plan, and that includes protecting human rights, protecting the environment, and demanding responsible sourcing and ethical practices,” said Jonathan Jennings, vice president, global commodity purchasing and technical assistance to suppliers. “We keep our suppliers to the same high standards that we demand of ourselves, and this code formalizes the standards we will work on together.” The Code outlines Ford`s expectations in the areas of human rights, environmental protection, material sourcing and business practices. Ford says there have been guidelines in place since 2003, but these will formalize suppliers` responsibilities.

32.03 Time of disclosure. If the Supplier is a publicly traded company, the Supplier shall provide the Buyer with financial reports in accordance with Article 32.02 at the time permitted by applicable law and the rules of the relevant exchanges. 38.09 Anti-competitive practices. If the Supplier is found by a court, authority or supervisory authority to have violated or has violated a Competition Law for a product purchased by the Buyer, or if the Supplier admits or pleads guilty to a violation of a Competition Law for a product purchased by the Buyer, including under a Government Leniency Program, Supplier shall: (a) provide Buyer with all documents, data and other information submitted to all government agencies worldwide in connection with an investigation into a breach of competition law within 4 weeks of the finding or admission of guilt; and (b) participate in binding arbitration to resolve any claim by Buyer related to the breach. .